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@mishkadawn: #HumpDay 🍑 Off Season vs. On Season Lady Lumps 😁 So I hear a lot of my new clients and inquiries say “I want to “tone up” but build muscle and see my abs and lose Bodyfat” 😐 That’s basically like saying I want my cake and to eat it too. I’m order to build significant muscle mass (as a natural athlete) you HAVE to be eating at a surplus - meaning over Mantenaince and not at a deficit. During this time you most likely WILL put on some fat mass. That is part of the process and why most athletes go through the “building” phase. You have to be OKAY with this part of the process if you want the long term goal of building muscle. It’s not an overnight thing and you can’t have all of ☝️ at once. It’s important to accept your body at all stages if you are working towards a long term goal.

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